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One Gambia One peoples

I am a firm believer that, a divine power is always revealed when peoples genuinely praying for it especially during the time of need. As someone who comes from Marabout family ground; from my childhood I get used to one word which is” Peace is prevailed in the Gambia because she has been protected by the prayers of our ancestor” these Marabout phrase has become reality again. On the 2nd December 2016 President Jammeh conceded defeat shortly after IEC chairman declaration of election results. This unprecedented move has created euphoria a kind of which I never witness in the history of the Gambia before. As result, after the result was announce I went out to see peoples mood, I saw many tens of thousands of peoples celebrating in the street at every corner of Banjul ,Serrekunda Westfiled junction all the way to Brikama; everyone is joyful  celebrating the victory of coalitions candidate Mr. Adama Barrow. For the first time in 22 years, I saw Gambians at every level freely enthusiasm expressing themselves in all manners. And I was no exception; I join with crowd to celebrate as I did back in 1994.
It’s exactly why I find it difficult to resist the temptation not to share my own unique euphoria with wide readers. I remember back, in July 22nd 1994 when president Jammeh came to power as 19 year old boy then I felt the same euphoria at that time as well. However this time is different because I know the true meaning of what regime changes means.
My message to fellow Gambian is as follow:

Can we kindly join together as one Gambia and massively thanks the IEC chairman Alieu Momar Njai for playing this crucial role as chairman which ensures the election was free and fair. I think he proved to be right when he claimed” our election is second to none in the world”.  Additionally in this mood of celebration lets whole heartily Thanks his excellence the President of republic of the Gambia Dr. Yahya AJJ Jammeh for serving our wonderful nation for 22 years. Surly we are going to miss him. I would like us to remember him as a man who loves this country at hearth, and he made many tremendous development efforts such as infrastructure developments, making education accessible for all, improving health sector and promoted agriculture. However, as human being we are not perfect  ruling a country for 22 year cannot be possible without the country and its rulers facing many challenges; however, as we celebrate this glorious victory let’s remember the positive sites of Jammeh and his regime.
finally; am sending my warmest congratulations to the President elect his excellence Mr Adama Barrow his entire team and coalition partners for this glorious victory may God bless you all and give you strength in all your endeavours wherever is possible in order  to enable  them to lead our beloved country peacefully.
My advice to every Gambian is that, election is now over Gambia remain let’s put aside our political difference and come together as one Gambia one peoples. The country is belonging to all of us let’s maintain peace, stability, brotherhood, and preserve the country peace not just for our salves but for our future generations as well.


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The Gambia is become latest country in Africa to declare Islamic republic. Most countries in West African have large Muslims population leaving in there. However, few have ever declared Islamic republic.  A population of nearly two million peoples, almost 85% of which as Muslims, such declaration is welcome by majority of Muslims in the Gambia.  As a Muslims, there are always a desire and ambition to fully adhere to Islamic values and principles, abide by its rolls, laws and leave by it examples. If this declaration is properly implement, it could help the country to grow ecumenically in the areas of agriculture, creating small business, more religious tolerance, increase  people’s awareness of Islamic values and decrease social tensions like tribalism. However, in today world Islamic countries and Muslims around the world are facing many different challenges each of which Gambia is not immune to face. Some of these challenges are (1) maintaining law and order to ensure there are no self appointed clerics to enforce Islamic rolls and values on everyone. (2) To ensure the Christian minority and none Muslims are not marginalise or face any form of prejudices in the country. (3) To ensure fake Jihads Sheiks from Middle East could not be able to introduce any form of religious violence, radical views, extremes ideologies and course hate between Muslims and none Muslims. (4) To ensure the ownership of land and property is properly implement to the best interest of Citizens in order to discourage millionaires and billionaires from acquiring the land. All these is to ensure safety and guarantee protection for  all Citizens from becoming hostages and slaves in their own country like what is happing in Mauritania, Northern Mali, Niger, Sudan, and many other part of north Africa.

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My interview with CII

I have just concluded very interesting interview with one of the well known South Africa Johannesburg base Radio station called (Channel Islamic international) the presenter of this interview was Sheik Ebrahima- Moosa. I really liked the way he conducted the interview. Our conversation covers almost every aspect of my book Marriage and society. And I am looking forward to many similar interviews like this from brothers and sisters around the world.

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Back To School Foundation

I would like to inform the general public that. I founded a charity called” Back To School Foundation”. our aims and objectives is to eradicate illiteracy and poverty in Senegambia region. we are currently raising found to build school,that project is urgently needed to complete as soon as possible. I am kindly appealing to everyone to contribute in order for us to achieve those coals.