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There is no room for slavery in modern societies.

Hi everyone. Today my discussion will purely focus on the inhumane treatment of black Africans at the hands of Arab Libyans. I have to admit that whenever I am dealing with subjects such as this, if I fail to echo Hon. Louis Farrakhan or Mr. Malcolm X surely I won’t be able to make any relevant points at all. However, even though I am extremely heartbroken by the abhorrent slavery in Libya, I will try not to be compulsive in my language, rather for now I will use diplomatic vocabulary. Like my comrades, I am equally horrified by the shocking pictures emerging from Libya that are circulating on social media concerning forceful slavery of African migrants in labour camps across the country. The evil behind such barbaric acts by North African Arabs does not surprise me because the culture of impunity is supreme in such puritanical societies.

I struggled for a while but I cannot find any better words than this: what puzzles me the most is the culture of silence by religious scholars in North Africa and the Middle East who often silently indorse immoral attitudes toward black people and minorities in the region. It is really shameful and disgraceful. In addition to this, in the pages of many books authored by scholars of Arabia and their intellectual commentators you will find distorted versions of religious texts written to justify such puritanical concepts which are the fruits of slavery and social segregation, are still profoundly deep rooted in the wider culture of Arab world.

Relatively recently, the OIC, Arab league, EU, AU, and other major international human rights organisations including the Gambia, were robust in their condemnation of a suspected Houthi insurgency missile attack from Yemen against the capital city of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh where there were no casualties. Although we all knew deep down in our souls that, in politics there are no ethical foreign policies by any nations but, by the virtues of humanity including our moral obligations. Apart from the Gambia, I believe the EU, AU, OIC, Arab league, and other international organisation were slow to acknowledge the serious abuses that have taken place in Libya since the overthrow of Gaddafi.

According to Anti-Slavery International, which is the oldest human rights organisation in the world,  more than 46 million people are still kept as slaves in one shape or form. Sadly, the majority of those caught up in these modern-day conditions are either African or people of a dark complexion. I ought to ask the following question, “why less than one hundred years since the evil of the holocaust  robust international intervention has effectively prevented another holocaust from happening to the Jewish people. But “shockingly” for more than two hundred years, since the horrors of trans-Atlantic slavery why are similar preventative measures still failing to protect black people from the repetition of slavery particularly in Arab countries?”

Of course, I know there are no easy solutions to tackling cultures of discrimination and segregation which are the main causes ofslavery, but in my opinion, robust international intervention would effectively reduce the suffering and inhumane treatment of people perceived to be inferior and minorities who are usually the victims of slavery.

I will suggest the following to African governments: you ought to protect your citizens from discrimination and segregation at any cost and empower them to realise their potential in their native countries.
And for now, my message for Africa’s youth: understand that, you are not inferior to anyone, and you are not a slave to anyone except God. Rise up to the challenges and be the Moses of your time to free your fellow brothers and sisters from slavery across the world. Use all the peaceful means necessary. Enough is enough!
It is the time to emulate the actions of our prophet Muhammed peace be upon him. He and his companions have emancipated more than 39,370 slaves during their lifetime in Arabia.

Please understand that, all men are created equal you are not inferior to anyone and you are not slaves to anybody. Period.
Yaya Sillah