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Thoughts on marriage and society

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Book launching

Press release; It’s with great pleasure for me to invite the press and general public to attend my Book launching which is scheduled to take place on Saturday 29th April 2017, 5: Pm at Alliance Franco Gambia Limited which is located at Westfield junction. At this occasions, I will officially launch my first Book title” Marriage and Society” which was published back in January 2014.

The content of this Book is mainly centre on the issues relating to marriage, education as well as other social issues such as migration, future generations and friendship. At the Book launching the first book will be review by Mr. Hasoum Ceessay a historian at national centre for arts and culture. The second Book title” How to Build the Gambia” is published recently on the 17th March 2017. The content of this Book is largely based on my own personal experience in relation to Gambia and political situation in the Gambia particularly the last year political impasse. This Book will be reviewing by Hon. Sainey Touray NAM for Jarra East. I am expecting many dignitaries to attend this ceremony including NAM’s, authors and foreign diplomatic missions in the Gambia.

My team is looking forward in welcoming you all, thanks you in advance may God bless you all.
Alahaji Yaya Sillah
the author