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The Gambia is become latest country in Africa to declare Islamic republic. Most countries in West African have large Muslims population leaving in there. However, few have ever declared Islamic republic.  A population of nearly two million peoples, almost 85% of which as Muslims, such declaration is welcome by majority of Muslims in the Gambia.  As a Muslims, there are always a desire and ambition to fully adhere to Islamic values and principles, abide by its rolls, laws and leave by it examples. If this declaration is properly implement, it could help the country to grow ecumenically in the areas of agriculture, creating small business, more religious tolerance, increase  people’s awareness of Islamic values and decrease social tensions like tribalism. However, in today world Islamic countries and Muslims around the world are facing many different challenges each of which Gambia is not immune to face. Some of these challenges are (1) maintaining law and order to ensure there are no self appointed clerics to enforce Islamic rolls and values on everyone. (2) To ensure the Christian minority and none Muslims are not marginalise or face any form of prejudices in the country. (3) To ensure fake Jihads Sheiks from Middle East could not be able to introduce any form of religious violence, radical views, extremes ideologies and course hate between Muslims and none Muslims. (4) To ensure the ownership of land and property is properly implement to the best interest of Citizens in order to discourage millionaires and billionaires from acquiring the land. All these is to ensure safety and guarantee protection for  all Citizens from becoming hostages and slaves in their own country like what is happing in Mauritania, Northern Mali, Niger, Sudan, and many other part of north Africa.